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"Remind me why I'm doing this, Aru." China said as he sighed, drawing a name out of a hat. "Oh come on Dude, This'll be epic!" America exclaimed. China yawned. "Yeah, Alright, Aru." China looked at the slip of paper in his hand, seeing the name scribbled on it, and his face blushed a bright red. "W- Wait, Aru... I-" "Dude, You got Russia! Tough Luck!" America said, clapping him on the back and laughing. China's face turned a brighter shade of red. He had liked the nation for a while, but there was no way he could tell anyone. And to get him in a game like this... The gods must be on his side tonight!
Russia glanced over from his continuos teasing on Lithuania. He heard America say China had gotten his slip of paper. "Come on China! Quit being a pussy!" America cried. "I am not, aru!" Russia smiled a bit to himself. He had feelings for the Chinese nation, but he'd never told anyone. Who could love aa scary nation such as himself? (Me!) Russia stood up and journied to China. "Come on China. You wish to become one with me, da~" Russia formed a tiny smile on his lips and took CHina by the wrist. "OH DA~" America cried in total boredem, shoving the black haired Chinese man at the sliver haired Russian.
China's blush brightened, and even though they were in a dark closet he was sure that the Taller Nation could see it. "I don't think this is a good idea, aru..." He said quietly. "What if..." In truth, there was no what if, and he wanted to, but he wanted to know the feeling was mutual.
Russia looked down at the tiny nation. "What if, what?" Russia asked. He noticed the tiny blush on the nations face, and chuckled lightly. Unaware of China's blush being about him, his heart fluttered anyways.
"No, Aru... Nevermind... Let's just get this over with..." China said, closing his eyes tightly. His blush growing ever brighter. At this rate he'd.... Well, that could be worried about later...
Russia smiled at the nation, who paitentally had his eyes closed. Russia was suprised China was so foward about kissing him, or if he was even hinting that at all, but Russia didn't mind. Russia closed the gap between their lips, before whispering. "So, does this mean you will become one with Mother Russia?" And Russia chuckled a bit.
China's eyes opened in surprise. He had known a kiss would be coming, but that wasn't... "I'm not saying that, aru." He said quietly, glancing away, a blush dusting the nation's cheeks. The kiss... wasn't bad, actually... Actually, China had liked it. But he couldn't tell Russia, that was something the younger nation could never know...
Russia chuckled at the older nations embarassment. "I was only joking, China." Well, he really wasn't joking, he never did whehn it involved others becoming one with him. But when it came to China, Russia would wear pink and sing, if it meant seeing the other nation smile. Weird, yes that was, but it was true. Russia starred at China in the akward silence. wondeirng what China was not speaking about.
China muttered something quietly. And when he had heard the Russian nation ask him what he had said, he sighed and eventually, after a rude banging on the door from America saying there was 5 minutes left, "Wo Ai Ni..." It was a long shot, but perhaps Russia wouldn't understand what It meant... He'd just have to see...
Russia blushed, finally glad he'd bothered to look up Chinese online. Trying not to show his weak knees, he smiled. "Wo..I..Ai...Ni?...." (I thi k that means I love you too In chinese XD) The Russian blushed at his failed attempt to speak his crush's language. "I don't know if that was right, but I love you too."
China's face redenned even more. So he did know what it means. "I didn't... think you'd understand me, Aru..." He said, glancing away. Then, something he would normally never think of doing, China stood on his tippy toes in order to softly kiss the other nation's cheek.
Russia sighed at the nations lazy attempt of a kiss, so he grabbed China by the wrists and pinned him on the wall, smirking. "I understood perfectly." The Russian purred in the Chinese mans ear, before roughly kissing his lips.
China's face continued to turn brighter shades of red that weren't even meant to be possible, before he eventually melted into it and started to kiss back. A moan managed to escape his lips, causing America to nervously knock on the door. "Dude... Is everything all right in there?" He asked. Of course, China was too wrapped up in the current situation to here.
Russia's hands snaked around the tiny nations waist, pulling him closer. America groaned in pure disgust, yanking the door open. "YO! DUDES TIME UP!" The obnoxious American called.
China was oblivious to the American at the door. It was all he could do just to focus on his breathing, his face bright red, he was panting heavily.
The sound of a camera snap came into hearing range, and Russia looked form the corner of his eye to see Japan with his camera. Snickers were coming from the couch outside.
China managed to regain his senses after a bit, and while he was still bright red and blushing, he was able to crain his neck to see what was happening. Seeing the others, his face reddened once again. "W- Wait, Aru... Japan, Drop that Camera! You're su- supposed to be my kid brother, Aru."
Japan put the camera into his pocket. "Sorry Mr. China, but I have compursive need to take picture of everything I see." Japan smiled slightly. "DUDE! You guys totally need more privacy!" "I agree." Russia said, looking at China. "What about you? We need mroe privacy, da?~"
China's face continued to grow redder, something that currently shouldn't have been possible, as he nodded Yes.
Russia took the nations hand. "Then follow me." Russia now, looked more calmed than scary and forceful. He looked at the tiny nation and dragged him up the steps into a spare bedroom. America starred at them leaving, then smirk. "Okay dudes, Italy is up next!" "Veh?" The Italian cried, as the door to the bedroom clicked.
Through the Bedroom door, Germany's name was called, but China didn't care about that now... Now was time for something he had only dreamed of. "Wait, Aru... I'm not ready for this! And what If Japan comes in, Aru?"
Russia smirked and locked the door. "Now he will not." Russia took his scarf into his hands, removing it, before climbing above China on the bed, the smirk still remaining.
China's eyes widened. "Wait Aru, I'm not ready for this... Wh- What are you doing..?" He closed his eyes tightly.
Russia smiled. "Don't act so nervous. You know you want this, da~ You have for a long time." Russia chuckled, glad he could see right threw his soon to be lover.
"I- I have... but... I'm not sure... I..." China stuttered. Then, after thinking, he silently nodded.
Russia smirked, then dove in for a rough kiss.
China's eyes widened, clearly not expecting that to happen so quickly. He moaned into the kiss and entangled his fingers into Russia's hair, quickly opening his mouth to allow Russia enterence.
Russia slipped his tounge into China's cavern, his fingers trailing down China's sides. Russian tounge explored China's wet cavern, before stroking his tounge with his own.
China wrestled his own tounge with Russia's for a while, currently trying not to lose, his fingers still tangled in Russia's hair.
Russia smirked as his tounge won dominance, the pink organ looking and exploring his new friend before finally parting from China's lips, showing China's blushing face. Russia smiled a bit, going down to kiss and suckle on the Chinese mans sensitive neck, leaving love bites anywhere and everywhere he felt.
China moaned at each kiss, and, after stopping Russia for a moment, he continued in stripping. China smirked, taking each button painfully slow in order to see how far he could push the younger nation. What would happen next..?
Russia grew impaitent with the older nation, and gripped his wrists with a playful smile. "I see you're trying to tease me,da? How fun, but let's not." And with that, Russia took of China's shirt an pants in practically two seconds, leaving him in his boxers, a large arousal poking threw the fabric.
China's face reddened as he was thrown back against the bed. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to prepare himself for what was coming. "Fine then Aru... We'll do this your way. But I don't think it's fair that I'm the only one naked."
Russia laughed alittle at this statement. "I agree." And with that Russia took his shirt and his pants off, throwing them in a collected pile of clothes. Now both of them were in nothng but their boxers, both erotic and hard. Russia went down to nip China's ear. "That is better, da~"
China could feel Russia's warm breath on him. He leaned in towards Russia, managing to get in one kiss on the nation's collar bone. It wasn't easy, but he managed, and that was something he was glad for. China laughed slightly. "I don't know why you'd want someone as old as me, Aru..."
Russia gave a sigh at the kiss he'd recieved from China, thinking how adorable he was trying to dominate. "Because you're cute. And I prefer older men, da~" And Russia laughed. Not a scary laugh, but a real humans laugh. He could only do that around China, not even his sister could get him to laugh like that. China was the one, and he knew it.
China blushed. "I can hardly be entertaining, Aru..." He said quietly, giving Russia a hug. He laughed a bit himself. "Well..." He said. "I'm... I'm ready, Aru..."
Russia smiled. "Ready so soon?" Russia smiled, gripping the nations member threw his boxers.
China's eyes widened and his face turned a bright red. "Y- Yes, Aru..." He said quietly, shutting his eyes and, becoming submissive, laying down.
Russia smirked, kissing the others neck while gently pumps China erection threw his boxers, waiting for those pleads for more and moans of his name that he's been dying for this entire afternoon.
A Moan escaped China's lips as he threw his arms around Russia. How could something like this feel so.... so good? "Ahn~ R- Russia..." How could the Nation tease him like this!? Why hadn't he gotten to the good part yet..?
Russia smirked at the nations eagerness as the pumping of his erotic member continued. "Hm? Uh uh uh. Call me Ivan." Russia smirked, and kissed the others nations lips quickly, finally removing both their boxers.
China's moans continues. "I- Ivan... More.... I want more..." He said, his face a bright red. The older nation looked into Russia's with something the taller boy had probably never seen. Love. Not Crazy obsessive Love like Belarus would give, but warm Accepting Love. Just Love.
Russia felt a weird sensation in his heart when China starred at him lustfully and lovingly. Russia smiled, sweetly. "As you wish..." And with that, Russia pulled China's onto his lap, kissing the back of his neck multiple times. Then, he began pushinhg his large self into China's tiny hole.
China screamed out in pain, tears escaping his cheeks as he clung to the sheets. "Ah~ I- Ivan." He moaned. China panted. "Ahn!"
Russia smirked, his member fully inside, before slipping out in a turtle like manor, torturing the older nation playfully. Meanwhile, Russia's fingers worked on China's already hard nipples. "Yes, my little sunflower?"
Instantly the pain was gone. "N- No Fair, Aru..." He said quietly, blushing. Another moan escaped China lips and he arched his back as Russia managed to twist his nipple in just the right direction.
Russia chuckled, before planting another kiss on the Chinese mans pale neck. "What isn't fair?" He asked, his finger leaving his nipples and trailing down his stomach.
China shivered at the cold fingers touching him. "I don't need to explain, Aru." He said, glancing away. His face turning red once more.
Russia smirked, finally fulling pulling out of China's tight hole. "You're oh so tight my dear~" Russia said, before wuickly shoving himself into China's rear once again. He tugged on the little curl poking from China's ponytail.
China moaned once again. "Ahn~ N- Not there..." He said quietly, feeling the tug on his small, usually concealed curl.
"Huh? Why not?" Russia asked as he continued to pump in and out of China's hole. Low moans leaked from Russia's mouth as well.
China ignored the question and focused on his breathing. "It- It hurts, Aru..." He said quietly, clinging to the bedsheets. He hadn't been prepped and something this big... Well, It just wasn't meant to fit! Moans and Screams of pain continued to escape his lips.
Russia knew that the moans and screams were no longer of pleasure, and he pulled out. "Are you alright?" He asked, a hint of worry in this voice.
China took a moment to calm himself down, then nodded. "I'm alright... Aru..." He said slowly. Various Tears had managed to escape from his eyes. "I didn't... expect it to hurt so much..." Was all he said. Although he tried to calm himself, he couldn't stop his frail body from Shaking as he held himself.
Russia blinked at the shaking nation on his lap. "We....really don't need to do this now. I've been waiting this long, it wont bother me." And Russia chuckled, wrapping the nation in a warm embrace.
China still couldn't calm his shaking. This wasn't right! Why was he shaking..? It's almost like he was... afraid... "N- No..." He said. "I- I want to, Aru." He said quietly.
Russia sighed. "You are sure about, da~" The nation asked, not letting the other out of his embrace.
China nodded. "I'm sorry... It just cought me by surprise, Aru. I'm ready now..."
Russia smiled. "Alright then, my little sunflower." Russia gave a nibble to the older nations earlobe, before slowly reentering himself into the hole of his lover. He kissed the boys neck, shoulder blades, and ear lovingly. "I'm all the way in." Russia whispered to the other.
China flinched as the nation entered him once more. It still hurt, but being prepared for it this time, it wasn't as bad. A moan had escaped his lips. "A- Alright, Aru." He replied back quietly.
Russia smiled, a bit more devilishly now as he slowly returned to his old self. Russia finally began to pull out and pump back inside. Now, Russia moaned lowly against China's neck, the feeling of himself in the nation overwhemling and wonderful.
Another moan escaped China's lips as he clung to the bedsheet. "Ahn~ I- Ivan.... More..." The older nation almost screamed. "F- Faster..." How could something that hurt just a little while ago feel so good now? It didn't make sense, but he didn't care.
Russia smirked, his fingers toying with China's sensitive skin. Following China's begs, he moved in and out faster, groans leaking from his mouth as well.
China's pleasure rose, reaching near it's peak. "Ahn. Ivan. I'm gonna..." A Moan Escaping his lips cut him off. The pleasure continued to grow greater. Something that didn't seem possible.
Russia knew what was coming, because it was coming for him as well. Russia smirked, and wrapped a hand around China's erection while continuing to pump in him. He slowly began to stroke China's erection, which made Russia near his climax with every moan of his name that escaped China's mouth.
One last moan managed to escape China's lips, and he screamed Russia's name once more, before his climax came and he released his seed, nowhere for it to go but onto the Russian's stomach. China panted heavily, calming down. The moment before had been pure bliss...
Russia moaned China's name loudly as well, his seed filling China's hole as his climax hit quite hard. He smirked, his meber falling limp and slipping out of China with ease.
China lay on the bed, gasping for air. He felt Russia slide out of him yet barely paid attention to it. "Wo Ai Ni..." He said quietly. When the Russian collapsed on top of him, he stayed where he was, both of their chests sticky from his own seed now. By this time, China was just struggling to stay awake. That's when he realized... "JAPAN, ARU. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN THERE!? GET THAT CAMERA OUT OF HERE!"
Russia blushes slightly at the fact that Japan had possibly been recording the entire moment. "Hold on." He said, smiling alightly at China. He climbed off China, and threw on his boxer shorts. Walking up to Japan, his creepy purple aura appeared and he said in a calm innocent voice. "Give me the camera please Japan. Or I'll have you become one with me as well." Japan's face instantly paled as he slowly handed over the camera then bolted down the stairs. Russia smiled triumphantly and closed the door.
China's blush stayed. "What he... Here the whole... Time... Aru?" He asked quietly.
Russia viewed the camera footage. "No. He only came in after you told me it hurt." Russia smiled and crushed the camera in his hand easily. "But nobody will ever know."
China's blush continued. "How did he... even get in?"
Russia shruggs. "I don't have a clue." Russia looked at China and smiled. "You look cute when you're blushing."
Russia's blush brightened even more as he turned away. "Shut up, Aru. I don't..."
Russia smirked, using a hand to bring China's face to his. "Of course you are, my little sun~" Russia smiled before planting a soft kiss on China's lips.
China's blush persisted, a yawn escaped his lips. "I'm not, aru.." He said quietly, before drifting off to sleep in Russia's arms.
Russia smiled as he pulled the older nation closer to him and whisperd in his ear "You are..." then he drifted off to sleep as well.
This was a Roleplay between :iconxxamanda-rebeccaxx: and I. :3

I'm China. =w=

Hetalia isn't ours.

China belongs to Russia.
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